Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer

I’m originally from St Louis, MO. I graduated from Greenville College in Illinois as a double major in guitar performance & composition...but I took every engineering class they offered and got hooked.

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I worked on my first record there with a band named Jars Of Clay. They took a few of the songs we did on that EP and remixed them for their first label release that sold 2 million copies.

I moved to Nashville in 1995. Sense then I’ve been a touring guitarist, songwriter, producer, and engineer, and I do independent artist development. Over the past couple of years I’ve gotten to work on some great projects with new artists that you haven’t heard of yet (Lauren Daigle, I Am They, Karoline Rhett) as well as with some you know (Ingrid Michaelson, Chris Tomlin).