Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer

I’m originally from St Louis, MO. I graduated from Greenville College in Illinois as a double major in guitar performance & composition...but I took every engineering class they offered and got hooked.

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I worked on my first record there with a band named Jars Of Clay. They took a few of the songs we did on that EP and remixed them for their first label release that sold 2 million copies.

I moved to Nashville in 1995. Sense then I’ve been a touring guitarist, songwriter, producer, and engineer, and I do independent artist development. Over the past couple of years I’ve gotten to work on some great projects with new artists that you haven’t heard of yet (Lauren Daigle, I Am They, Karoline Rhett) as well as with some you know (Ingrid Michaelson, Chris Tomlin).

  • "When I first heard about sE, and got the chance to try them out, I got hooked. I’ve used all the ribbon mics, sE4400a’s, sE8's, and I’ve tried out the 2200's."

    — Stephen Leiweke (Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer)
  • "I really, really love the 4400a’s on drum overheads, piano and other acoustic instruments. I’ve used them on pretty much everything I’ve tracked in the last 3 years."

    — Stephen Leiweke (Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer)
  • "I like how detailed the 4400a’s are on overheads in my room. Everyone comments about how my drums sound - and other mix guys have mentioned how easy it is to get the overheads to sit perfectly in the mix. They're not harsh or hyped, they just sound like great drums."

    — Stephen Leiweke (Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer)