Harmonica Ensemble

"The Magic" is a leading harmonica ensemble in China and very active in showbiz. Founded in 2012, 'The Magic’ have been performing and lecturing at the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, Guangzhou Harmonica Festival, the Chinese Huaxia Harmonica Festival and many more.

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The successful ensemble have been awarded “Trio champion“ and “Ensemble champion“ of Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2018, “Ensemble Champion“ of Chinese Huaxia Harmonica Festival 2015 and1st Runner-up of Taiwan International Harmonica Festival.

  • "The sE V7 X is very suitable for harmonca ensemble live performance. The shape is very friendly for holding in hand and it only requires very little EQ for chromatic harmonica on site."

    — The Magic Harmonica Ensemble
  • "The sE4400a provides a marvelous sound expression in mid-low frequency while VR1 has a warm and gentle sound, avoiding the high frequency harsh of harmonca itself and yet enhancing the middle and low frequency effectively. These two models make great combination for recording harmonica."

    — The Magic Harmonica Ensemble
  • "The sE2300 has an overall natural sound and warm low frequency expression. Its multiple polar pattern and sound characteristics make the sE2300 a great model for both home-made and professional harmonica recording."

    — The Magic Harmonica Ensemble