Drummer, Producer, Content Creator

I’m TJ Hartmann, a session drummer and producer located in Dayton, OH. For the past 10 years, I’ve operated a home-studio providing high-quality drum tracks for artists and producers across the globe. I’ve had the amazing privilege to work with some incredible artists and am very thankful to be able to pursue a career making music.

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As a session drummer and producer, sE Mics have been my go-to sources for quickly dialing in killer drum tones – I can’t stress the importance of that. I’m also a father of 4 and when it’s time to jump into a session, there’s no time to mess around. Thankfully, sE mics always make quick work of my sessions. You can have the best drums and cymbals, but they won’t serve you unless you can capture them accurately – sE makes that part of my job super easy.

My home studio doubles as a production house for a few different bands and personal projects. I have singers and other instrumentalists that come by, my 2200 and sE8s have been proven go-to’s for dialing in super clean vocal and guitar tracks. I absolutely mean it, sE products have continually proven to be the easiest and best way to dial in the sounds needed for any project that comes across my desk.