Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter

Todd Nichols is the current and original guitarist and co-songwriter in the band Toad The Wet Sprocket.

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Toad formed in 1986 in the Goleta suburb of Santa Barbara and still tour every summer with all four original members. They have sold over 4 million records, and in 2013 released their first new CD of original material “New Constellation” after 16 years between records.

Lately Todd has been using a stereo rig live, consisting of a couple of Morgan amps miked up with sE’s VR1 ribbon mics and guitaRF Reflexion Filters.

  • "I really love the guitaRF baffles for several reasons. First, they are a stealthy double mic stand that can hold a dynamic 57-style mic, and also a ribbon mic that's easily set up to have the capsules equidistant from the speaker cone to avoid nasty phase problems."

    — Todd Nichols (Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter)
  • "The other big reason I love the guitaRFs is because I use Pro-Sonic clear plexi shields to block the loud guitar amps from bleeding into every other mic on stage, especially the 3 vocal mics up front."

    — Todd Nichols (Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter)
  • "Before using the guitaRFs, I would get bounce-back from the hard plexi shields directly back towards the miked amp. The guitaRF completely solves that problem, besides being a sturdy mic stand."

    — Todd Nichols (Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter)