Guitarist, Session Artist, Producer

Uwe Hassbecker, born in 1960 in Leipzig, is a German guitar player, session artist, composer and producer. After a classical education on the violin, he soon found himself attracted to the guitar.

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After finishing school, Hassbecker played in different bands until he joined the Berlin band SILLY in 1986. Hassbecker played countless concerts with SILLY and produced several records. In 1996, his wife – and SILLY’s lead singer – Tamara Danz tragically passed away after a short but fierce battle against cancer. After this tragic loss, the band split up.

Uwe Hassbecker then focused on his recording studio, doing session work and producing other artists until in the year 2000, Joachim Witt convinced Uwe Hassbecker to perform live with him. Having produced several albums for Witt, it seemed a logical thing to do.

In 2005 SILLY reunited, and together with singer Anna Loos they recorded the albums “Alles Rot” (2010), “Kopf an Kopf” (2013) and “Wutfänger” (2016), and celebrated a successful comeback, selling over 2 million records in total as a band. Additionally, Uwe still works as a session musician for many beloved producers.

  • "I really like the warmth and the silky high frequencies of my VR2."

    — Uwe Hassbecker (Guitarist, Session Artist, Producer)
  • "I use my VR2 ribbon together with a dynamic mic right in front of the speaker and it’s a perfect match."

    — Uwe Hassbecker (Guitarist, Session Artist, Producer)
  • "Where other ribbons seem to shut down, the VR2 delivers this great open sound, even at high volumes. An excellent smooth sounding microphone also for a host of acoustic instruments such as mandolin, violin, and acoustic guitars."

    — Uwe Hassbecker (Guitarist, Session Artist, Producer)
  • "I was also most likely one of the very first users of the Reflexion Filter Pro. An absolute necessity for me when I am recording acoustic guitars in my studio."

    — Uwe Hassbecker (Guitarist, Session Artist, Producer)
Uwe's sE gear