Music Producer, Mixing / Recording Engineer

Xulfi is a music producer, mixing/recording engineer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Pakistan.

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Over the past 18 years, Xulfi’s career has been in mainstream music, having won numerous awards for original compositions, lyrics, songs, band productions, artist support, scouting and mentoring.

Xulfi’s ambition as a creator led him to begin filming his own show, Nescafe Basement which is now among the most sought-after music shows in Pakistan with millions of dedicated followers.

  • "On a personal note, I’m on a mission to propagate the interest, excitement and passion of music, songwriting and music engineering in my country."

    — Xulfi (Music Producer, Mixing / Recording Engineer)
  • "The T2 is one of the best mics in my quite extensive microphone locker. It’s a unique take on a multipurpose mic. Typically, a good for all sources mic lacks character, but not the titanium capsule of the T2! That’s why it’s my kind of mic. I use it on lead vocals, snare, guitar cabinet and all types of percussion instruments."

  • "The T2 in hypercardioid over the snare provides great hi-hat rejection and captures a broad range of sounds from the snare. A dynamic mic, though having good side and back rejection, doesn’t usually capture the fine details of the snare. Most modern genres benefit from a more detailed snare sound. Hence why it’s my mic of choice for the snare in most cases. Also don’t forget that -10dB pad for loud instruments!"

    — Xulfi (Music Producer, Mixing / Recording Engineer)