New Products March 13, 2024

Meet the BL8 omni

Wednesday, March 13th, 9 AM PT (4 PM GMT)

Introducing the new BL8 omni boundary microphone, the ultimate secret weapon for on-stage miking, grand piano, boardroom speech, and capturing room ambience!

With its bullet-proof, tank-like build and omni-directional capability, the BL8 omni is your go-to mic for a range of corporate and musical environments. The hand-crafted gold-sputtered 1/2″ true-condenser capsule delivers unparalleled clarity and uses the same capsule as the renowned sE8 omni. Plus, the omni capsule can be swapped out for our cardioid sE8 capsule to enable a wider spectrum of applications such as kick drums and high SPL sources.

The BL8 omni also features transformerless Class-A circuitry, providing plentiful headroom without distortion, and optional character switches for classic or modern voicings (just like our TEC award-winning V KICK!).

High sensitivity, and low-noise electronics with stunning transparency make for a revolutionary boundary mic ideal for speech and room miking. The BL8 omni can handle anything a touring professional, recording artist or business executive can throw at it. Experience neutral and well-balanced frequency response for pristine sound quality in a plethora of demanding environments.

The integrated low-cut filter and pre-attenuation pad further enhance the BL8 omni adaptability, enabling tone control before reaching any system or console. The BL8 omni is a game-changer that will elevate your musical and corporate experience.

The BL8: Low-Profile Great Sound – Now Available in omni!

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