sE8 omni

Perfect twins for perfect sound

Featuring the very same, sophisticated capsule backplate design and true condenser technology, the sE8 omni provides an authentic and transparent sound quality second to none.

sE8 omni


Featuring the very same, sophisticated capsule backplate design and true condenser technology, the sE8 omni provides an authentic and transparent sound quality second to none.

Recommended Use

Acoustic guitar, choir, orchestral + strings, piano, woodwinds, drums, percussion, cymbals / OH

Hand-crafted capsule individually tuned in our own factory
All-metal housing and gold plated XLR connector
Two switchable low-cut filters
Two switchable pre-attenuation pads
Compatible with our sE8 cardioid capsule

Inside the sE8 omni

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    As with all of sE’s true condensers, the sE8 omni’s ultra-thin gold-sputtered diaphragm delivers an impressive transient response that enables capturing even the smallest of nuances, and the ultra-precision electrode is optimized for superb linearity and natural sound, ensuring a consistently smooth and balanced frequency response. Building and tuning a capsule is a subtle, artistic process, and given the number of vibrations a capsule must handle, this is the most vital element of the mic.

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    Sophisticated electronic design and specially optimized Class-A electronics provide low noise without the use of integrated circuits. The transformerless design enables excellent transparency, clarity and a completely new electronic design ensures a beyond-the-norm dynamic range and excellent transient response without distortion.

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    The -10dB and -20dB switchable attenuation pad prevents overloading your preamp or mixer and provides extended dynamic range without compromises. Two switchable levels enable close-mic techniques for even the loudest sources like brass instruments, timpani and drums. Selectable at either 80Hz or 160Hz, these two filters help eliminate low-frequency rumble or footfall noise, as well as help compensate for excessive bass (proximity effect) with close-mic techniques.

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    Unlike the cheaply constructed bodies of some small-capsule microphones, the sE8 omni’s all-metal chassis provides efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise – and the high-quality finish and gold-plated XLR connector ensures a great look and a loss-free, reliable signal connection for years to come. The sE8 omni also comes standard with a newly-designed mic clip that will securely attach it to any mic stand.

Inside the omni Matched Pair

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    sE8 omni Matched Pair

    As with all of our factory-matched pairs, every mic ending up in an sE8 omni Stereo Pair configuration is meticulously hand-selected after strict evaluation by trained ears and the latest analysis tools, with measurements taken in our anechoic chamber to ensure the highest possible mic-to-mic consistency. You can rest assured that your stereo image will be as clear & accurate as possible.

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    What’s in the case?

    The sE8 omni Matched Pair comes complete with two windscreens to avoid wind noise and two robust mic clips with thread adapters to fit with any mic stand. Moreover, a precision stereo bar and a robust, high-quality metal case is included.

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    sE8 Cardioid Capsule (P)

    sE8 cardioid pair owners have been able to simply buy an omni capsule pair and upgrade their pencil condensers as easily as that. But now, omni owners can have the same lifestyle and conveniences. With the sE8 Cardioid Capsule Pair, go from sE8 omni to cardioid to meet the needs of any session or live setting.


Capsule Hand-crafted 1/2" True Condenser
Electrical impedance 110 Ohms
Recommended load impedance >1k Ohms
Connectivity 3-pin male XLR connector
Powering 48V Phantom Power (P48 according to IEC 61938)
Current consumption 22 mm (0.87 in.)
Polar patterns Omnidirectional
Frequency range 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity 20 mV / Pa (-34 dBV)
Max SPL 141 / 151 / 161 dB (0 / 10 / 20 dB attenuation pad)
Equivalent noise level 15 dB
Dynamic range 126 / 136 / 146 dB (0 / 10 / 20 dB attenuation pad)
Signal to noise ratio 79 dB
Low cut filter 80 / 160 Hz, 6 dB / Oct, switchable
Attenuation pad 10 / 20 dB, switchable
Mic Diameter 23 mm (0.91 in.)
Mic length 120 mm (4.72 in.)
Mic weight 141 g (4.97 oz.)
Mic length (capsule only) 22 mm (0.87 in.)
Mic weight (capsule only) 26 g (0.92 oz.)
What's in the box
sE8 omni microphone
mic clip (with thread adapter)
wind screen


User Manual
  • “The new sE8 omni makes what was already a great microphone a must-have. This set of omnis is not just for giving your recordings a sense of "place" - It's a beautiful tool that will make recording all-new again.”

    — Paul Burch, Nashville (Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician)
  • “As a professional drummer and engineer I am always striving for the perfect drum sound. The omnis really shine on drum miking. Whether it's in a wide stereo position or for room miking they convince with a pure, smooth sound. You can't go wrong.”

    — Rainer Lidauer, Vienna (Professional Drummer, Engineer, Producer)
  • “I’ve been using the sE8 omnis as a Decca Tree in the Viennese Musikverein concert hall for recording small to mid-sized ensembles. I was more than positively surprised about the sound quality. In side-by-side comparison they sound close to my highly-sought after vintage mics. The sE8s are modern mics that I see them somewhere between the Schoeps MK2H and the MK2S.”

    — Martin F. Macheiner (Classical Music Recording Engineer, Mixer, Producer)
  • “Blind tests are always surprising but this one blew me away. The sE8 omnis provided an exceptionally smooth, detailed and three-dimensional sound, unmatched by all other contenders. They are nothing less than awesome, regardless of price! I wish I would have had these 10 years ago!”

    — Xavier Equiano (Recording and Mixing Engineer, Producer, Musician)
  • “When comparing with other microphones, the sE8 captures even extremely subtle nuances perfectly. The high signal-to-noise ratio is second to none and it delivers an absolutely clean and pure sound. Great product!”

    — Lu Xiao Xing, Shanghai, PRC (Recording Engineer "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "The Banquet" / 2001 Grammy Award Winner - Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media)
  • “In my work with big orchestra productions the new sE8 omnis convince with extremely precision and high quality. Because of the very good behavior of lateral sound they are great main microphones. I also use them for close-up miking i.e. Gran Cassa or double basses where a precise sound with a tight low end is a must. The sE8 omnis became one of my top favorite mics in my toolbox and I never travel without.”

    — Prof. Carsten Kümmel Graduated "Tonmeister" (Professor for Public Address and Live Recording World of Hans Zimmer, BBC Planet Earth Live in Concert, Shanghai Symphonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Placido Domingo, Jonas Kaufmann, Anne-Sophie Mutter)
  • “It is an amazing mic and fits in nicely with the more expensive well known omni pencil mics in my recording kit. Also on a recent choral concert, they were ultimately the choice in the final mix. They had a clarity the more expensive go to microphones missed in the hall.”

    — Paul A. Hennerich IV (Producer / Engineer - The Pan Galactic Company St. Louis Symphony / Opera Theatre of Saint Louis / St. Louis Public Radio / 2015 Saint Louis Bach Society / Grammy Winner - Best Orchestral Performance)
  • “sE's new omnis blew me away right for the start! Their transparent, open sound and impressive performance can easily stand up with the usual suspects. They have already become my Go-To mics for my daily challenges.”

    — Krystian Koenig, Salzburg (Award-Winning Engineer / Producer - / Salzburg Festival “Jedermann”)
How should I store my microphone?

We generally recommend keeping your microphone in its case or original packaging when it is not in use for more than a few hours. If your studio is very clean and safe, it could be OK to leave out on its mic stand when not in use, but if a mic is out of its case, it could potentially be exposed to dust, smoke, moisture, or humidity – which can damage the sensitive parts of the mic – so we recommend avoiding those things at all cost.

What are the differences between your microphones’ polar patterns? How do I choose the most suitable type of polar pattern for my recording environment?

There are no real “right” or “wrong” answers to this question, as different patterns will just provide different types of sounds, and whatever best suits your particular song is usually the right answer! With that said:

  • Cardioid – Generally best for recording vocals or other single sources, when you don’t want to hear much of the room sound around the source.
  • Omni – This is good when you want a less focused, more “roomy” sound. Think distant drum mics in a great-sounding room.
  • Figure-8 – Since this pattern lets the mic “hear” on both sides – front and back – and reject the sounds on either side, it’s handy if you want to record two sources at once from a point in between them, without hearing what’s off to the sides.
  • Hypercardioid / Supercardioid – More directional than Cardioid, this is good for spot mics, when you want the sound to be very focused.
My guitar amplifier / drum / horn is VERY loud, and I am concerned about the risk of damage due to loud noise.

For the most part, sE mics can tolerate extremely high SPLs (typically over 135dB) and will be fine in front of even the loudest sources – yes, even our ribbon mics. If in doubt, you can check the specifications on the individual product page.

Which sE mic is best for recording vocals / drums / guitars / etc.?

Check out our Find Your Mic page to find the perfect mic for your application.

How do I clean the microphone from spillage and dirt?

If your microphone has come in contact with dirt or another removable substance, we recommend cleaning it with a very soft, slightly damp cotton cloth. Do not open the microphone up to clean the inside, and make sure you NEVER touch the capsule itself. Cleaning a capsule should only be done by highly trained professionals in a “clean room” environment. If you suspect your capsule needs to be cleaned, please contact [email protected] so we can recommend an authorized local technician.