In The Studio July 17, 2023

Studio Condenser Microphone: Recording with the sE2200

The sE2200 studio condenser microphone in a recording setting pointed towards a Taylor acoustic guitar that is leaning on a window frame.

Recording with the sE2200 Studio Condenser Microphone

Why is the sE2200 such a beloved studio condenser microphone? Despite its entry-level price, the 2200 has a very clear, focused sound. Its character hearkens back to classic recordings of the late sixties. The sE2200 often draws comparisons to mics that cost ten-times as much.

Whether it’s your first condenser mic, or part of an ongoing collection, the sE2200 is an excellent tool to have at your disposal. I specifically like it for vocals, voiceovers, and acoustic guitar. The two low-end roll off options help eliminate unwanted rumble and footfall before the signal even hits your preamp. The cardioid polar pattern rejects off-axis sound, especially when combined with a Reflexion Filter, facilitating professional-grade recordings.

Thanks to its built-in attenuation pad, the sE2200 also thrives as an overhead or room mic for drum recording. This condenser microphone can handle sound pressure levels (SPLs) up to 145 dB. To put that in perspective, 145 dB is louder than a jet taking off. It’s loud enough to put your hearing in immediate danger, yet not loud enough to damage an sE2200. This makes the 2200 an extremely hearty and versatile studio microphone.

The included Isolation Pack helps the sE2200 excel as a vocal condenser microphone. The shockmount and pop filter further decouples the mic from its surroundings, keeping plosives and motion sound out of your tracks.

The sE2200 produces high-quality recordings time after time. Its handcrafted, proven design has become a staple in mic lockers worldwide. Delivering excellent audio in scenarios ranging from home studios to Amy Winehouse records, this mic demands to be noticed.

Published: July 2023
By: Chris Frasco (Owner & Operator of Master Frasco Audio Lab, Nashville)