Buster Odeholm

Drummer, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Buster Odeholm is a Swedish metal producer and multi-instrumentalist.

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Buster is the drummer for Vildhjarta and the guitarist, writer and producer for Humanity’s Last Breath.

As an engineer, he has mixed and mastered records for Born Of Osiris, Sworn In, Oceano, Hacktivist and many others, as well as being featured twice as an instructor for Nail The Mix.

Buster is also the founder of Odeholm Audio, which creates sound libraries and presets used by artists throughout the modern metal scene.

  • "I use the RN17 matched-pair as overheads in an X/Y setup which gives an awesome overall drum sound, not only cymbals. The highs of the RN17s are pristine but they also have great low-end and depth which is very usable in a mix."

    — Buster Odeholm
  • "For shells I’m using the V Beats which just sound like a finished/processed drum sound without me doing anything."

    — Buster Odeholm
  • "I use the sE4400a matched-pair as additional cymbal mics for each side of my drum set which gives me increased depth and perspective over my kit which is very spread out since I play open handed."

    — Buster Odeholm
  • "I'm also using the sE8s for room mics, snare bottom and additional cymbal spot mics - they work great for capturing that high end but also some great mid frequencies in the room too."

    — Buster Odeholm
  • "I activate the EQs on the V Kick to get some clickyness and attack which is great for metal. The option to turn it off is also great if you're recording a different genre which just shows how versatile the mics are."

    — Buster Odeholm