Dani González

Drummer, Percussionist

Daniel Alejandro González Amaya, known as Dani González, was born in Venezuela in Cabimas city in April of 2001. Dani began his interest in music at the early age of 4 becoming a child prodigy of music who came from a talented musical family.

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His father, Orlando González, is a prestigious director and musician who formed “Koquimba” which is a recognized Venezuelan band awarded by the most important musical organizations in the country. He was with whom Dani took his first steps in music, empirically learning to play all percussion instruments from an early age and standing out in the timbal and drums. At the age of 7, he got requested to play the timbal at a massive event in the city of San Cristóbal in Venezuela being applauded by the crowd.

He then continued to develop his talent by entering the National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela (El Sistema), forming part of the Simón Bolívar Latin Caribbean Orchestra and the Youth Symphony, which gave him the opportunity to work with important artists of the country.

Upon settling in the city of Miami in 2016, he continued his studies and became involved in working with great international artists, bringing his style and musicality to each project. Dani, known as the youngest drummer and percussionist as of today has had great recognition from many important well-known figures of percussion and the public music world itself.

He is currently producing his first album as a drummer and percussionist, with the collaboration of prestigious musicians such as Luisito Quintero, Robert Vilera, Dante Vargas, and many others.


"sE mics are definitely the best on the market, their definition is perfect and the design of the mics is beautiful - sE will always be in my kit whether I am performing or recording!"

— Dani González