Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Live-Sound Engineer

DeLyzer is a Canadian recording artist, producer, songwriter, and live-sound engineer based in
Los Angeles.

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DeLyzer’s latest record is slathered in overdrive, fuzz distortion, and sexuality, drifting between blues and industrial riffs, 80s dream-synths, and deep-pounding 808s. He is proficient in extracting genuine emotion and talent from the artists he works with and at creatively and accurately capturing their unique sound. Though he’s produced and mixed everything including pop, rock, folk, R&B, hip-hop and dance, he favours anything that can juxtapose professional polish with charismatic grit.

  • "The V7 is my new favourite vocal mic. A friend recommended it for a quiet singer I was working with, and I was blown away by how much gain I could get from it and how well it rejected everything else on stage, making it really easy to mix the vocal up front without having to use an expander or shields."

    — DeLyzer
  • "Now, I use the V7 for almost every vocalist as it has an innately clear and airy quality that I usually have to work to get out of other microphones."

    — DeLyzer
  • "The DM1 DYNAMITE is a saviour in the broadcast world for getting sportscaster headsets and field mics at a much more workable level."

    — DeLyzer
  • — DeLyzer