Drummer, Producer, Educator

Jonathan Wills is a Hampshire based freelance drummer and percussionist with over 20 years performing, recording and teaching experience.

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He has had the opportunity to provide live or recorded drums in countless musical settings throughout the UK and Europe, including several TV/Radio appearances. Jonathan currently plays drums for UK prog rockers “Viriditas” and pop/funk band “Super db”. From his home studio, he also records drum tracks for numerous other artists.

  • "In my opinion, you can’t find better mics for the price. I love everything about sE mics, from the great sound to the careful design – even the way the cables plug into the V BEAT mics has been thought about, keeping cables out the way and making them very drummer friendly! They are easy to set up and sound great straight out of the box."

    — Jonathan Wills
  • "I have enjoyed experimenting with the height and angles of the V BEAT mics on the toms, made possible by the clever V CLAMP mounting system. You can achieve a variety of different sounds just by changing the positioning – give it a try!"

    — Jonathan Wills