Katelynn Corll

Freelance Touring Drummer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Katelynn Corll (Lady Kate) is a freelance touring/session drummer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Detroit, MI. Since 2020, she has toured both nationally and internationally.

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She has also performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Late Show With James Corden, as well as a recording session at Maida Vale in London for BBC Radio. When she’s not on the road or collaborating with other artists in the studio, she’s teaching the next generation of musicians.

  • "I’ve been using my V Pack Arena mics (V Beat, sE8, V7 X, V Kick) for all my home sessions and drum playthrough videos! These mics were introduced to me while on tour in the UK, and I loved how they paired with my Ludwig kit! They’re so clean and easy to work with, and I love how little mixing I need to do in post! The V Beats are super easy to setup with the V Clamps as well. Not to mention they look just as incredible as they sound!"

    — Katelynn "Lady Kate" Corll - Chloe Moriondo (Drummer, Multi-Instrumentalist)
  • "Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with different mic placements! Especially when it comes to mic placement for snare. I love how easy I can manipulate the level of attack and warmth I get out of my snare using the V7 X."

    — Katelynn "Lady Kate" Corll - Chloe Moriondo (Drummer, Multi-Instrumentalist)
  • "And, if you have a 1 rack and 1 floor tom setup like me, I HIGHLY encourage you to use the 3rd V Beat to mic the bottom of the snare as well."

    — Katelynn "Lady Kate" Corll - Chloe Moriondo (Drummer, Multi-Instrumentalist)