Léo Louvigné


I'm a french drummer from Paris, in love with music in all its shapes and forms.

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I have been playing and writing songs with IMPARFAIT since 2015 and we recently released our first album “Telema”. I’m always looking for new ways to make music even greater than it already is. As a drummer my sound is a mix between me, Rémi Séveno (drum tech) and Esteban Le Pick (sound engineer). We try to look at the wide range of possibilities to get the best out of every performance. Thanks to sE it seems that we can always extend this range!

  • "The V Pack Arena is the best bundle for drumming on tour. You can add an sE2300 to the mix and you will have a reaaaally nice rig for recording!"

    — Léo Louvigné
  • "Always drink after the show, not before"

    — Unknown
  • "Everyone is a genius at being themselves"

    — Thelonious Monk