Paul Dow

Production Manager, FOH Engineer

My name is Paul Dow and I am the Production Manager and FOH Engineer for Ryan Hurd.

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My focus with an artist is to help their creativity translate from stage to audience with as few limitations as possible.  Apart from my skills and experience as a touring professional for the last decade, my tools and gear allow me to do my job at the level I desire.

  • "sE’s microphones are tour grade and studio quality. I am consistently impressed by the drum and vocal tones I get before doing any processing at the console. They sound great and feel very rugged!"

    — Paul Dow - Ryan Hurd (Production Manager, FOH Engineer)
  • "I find the V kick is an excellent alternative to double mic’d kick drum situations. Changing the right hand switch to modern gives me the attack from the pedal while still giving me the bottom end I need out of the mic."

    — Paul Dow - Ryan Hurd (Production Manager, FOH Engineer)