Drummer, Obsidious

Sebastian is the drummer of the progressive metal band Obsidious. Some of his other work has been with artists and bands, including Jung/Lanser/Jung, Obscura, Panzerballett and Martin Grubinger.

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Sebastian started playing drums at the age of five and studied drums (with a minor in piano) at the Anton Bruckner University in Austria. He has since become an internationally in-demand drummer due to his versatility. Sebastian is also an active part of today’s drumming community, presenting clinics, master classes, and solo performances.

  • "Love at first listen! My RNT's deliver all the qualities I'm looking for in a great overhead sound which can be shortly described as rich in tone, clear and bright but warm."

    — Sebastian Lanser (Drummer, Obsidious)
  • “I am blown away by the craftsmanship and sound. The V BEAT microphones perfectly capture the fundamental tone of my drums in a natural way. They are very versatile and support me in any musical environment. Paired with the V CLAMP, these microphones are the ultimate weapon, especially for touring drummers.”

    — Sebastian Lanser (Drummer, Obsidious)