Product Reviews July 08, 2022

Gearspace Review: DynaCaster

“The sE Electronics DynaCaster microphone is a great addition to anybody’s mic locker. Whether used on instruments, vocals or spoken word, the DynaCaster is a versatile microphone that cuts through without being harsh.”


“On spoken word, the sound is crisp and clear. Engaging the high boost makes things even more clear as the boost frequency has been carefully selected to help here.”

“After letting somebody else sing into it, now would be a good time to talk about cleaning. The end of the grill unscrews, as does the main body of the grill. All foam components can easily be removed for easy cleaning.”

“The ability to take it apart for easy cleaning is a boon, and the 30 dB of boost provided by the internal dynamite amplifier is also excellent.”

“The EQ curves are well chosen and help vocals and acoustic guitar to sound more open, airy and polished without being overly bright or harsh”

Massive thanks to Gearspace and reviewer Matt Pinchin for a genuine and honest review!