Product Reviews August 10, 2023

Microphone Reviews: Matthew Haines & NEOM USB

Matt Haines in his studio with arms stretched out in awe of the NEOM USB in from of him. There is also an apple laptop in the shot.

Microphone Reviews, Creating Content and Exploring Video Production with Matthew Haines

Matt Haines is a YouTuber and content creator who’s recently been reviewing sE microphones. From the NEOM USB to the DynaCaster DCM8 and sE2200 to the X1 A, he offers detailed specs and comparisons along the way. Matt aims to help his viewers improve all aspects of their YouTube channels. Through branding advice, product reviews, and video production techniques, to name a few benefits of subscribing to his channel. Matt cuts to the chase and provides insight relevant to content creators and guides his viewers to success.

His career as an educator has led Matt to coach over 300 people. He has worked with clients via intimate one-on-one and small group sessions that focus on development. Currently, through his YouTube channel, Matt provides a resource to streamline the creative process by testing a range of products, identifying trends and sharing editing techniques. With years of experience as a music producer, audio engineer, and sound designer, Matt has also developed a robust understanding of photography and storyboarding, which quickly becomes apparent after watching his channel.

When you join Matt on his journey, you become part of an inviting creator community. A community that is full of value and collaboration. Overall, Matthew provides a path for anyone to improve their metrics and achieve their goals.

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