Giveaways June 23, 2023


Graphic of the V7 giveaway. There is a black and white background image of a bass player with long hair on stage. There is text with a title of "BUILD YOUR OWN V7 MICROPHONE BUNDLE GIVEAWAY." Seven V7 finish are shown below the heading. Then the giveaway link is below the microphones (

We’re kicking off our latest giveaway with a chance to win one of three V7 microphone bundles! Featuring your choice of any V7 finish, including our exclusive artist signature series.

We are thrilled to announce the start of our latest giveaway, featuring a fantastic opportunity to win one of three V7 supercardioid dynamic microphone bundles. Each bundle includes your choice of any V7 handheld or wireless capsule finish. That includes our exclusive artist signature series too.

Whether you are a seasoned touring artist or just beginning your musical journey, the V7 dynamic microphones provide unparalleled performance and modern design. With V7 dynamics, you will experience more gain before feedback and studio-grade sound quality right at the palm of your hand.

The V7 microphone boasts five unique finishes. That includes our signature artist series microphones ft. the Myles Kennedy V7 MK and Billy F. Gibbons V7 BFG. Allowing you to personalize your setup and make a statement on any stage. From sleek and sophisticated to bold and rugged, there is a finish to suit every individual style.

But it’s not just about the looks. The V7 microphone delivers exceptional sound quality that will make you sound like a pro. Whether you are performing in front of a crowd or recording in the studio, you can rely on the V7 to capture your voice with clarity and precision.

Now is your chance to win one of these fantastic bundles because we are giving away tons of V7 dynamics. The Build Your Own V7 Bundle Giveaway winner announcement is on July 6th. So, be sure to enter today for your chance to win. Now go forth and take your stage presence to the next level!