Charity & Donations February 13, 2023

The Jostiband: Kicking off the new year with new gear from sE!

The secret of the Jostiband remains a mystery. As the largest musical formation of people with intellectual disabilities, the group from Zwammerdam has been making music with great success for more than 56 years. As an Orchestra, Jostiband host their own concerts, perform across Holland, and tour worldwide – their arrangements touch people’s hearts around the globe and trigger a rush of enthusiasm and a range of wholesome emotions.

Despite their limitations, the members of the orchestra make music full of fire and never fail to stun their audience with wonder and admiration. Adding to this, is the effect their music has on the audience when they perform and the connection their music makes. The Jostiband consists of 120 people with intellectual disabilities making music. Over 80 members live on the premises in one of the various care units of Ipse de Bruggen, a multi-faceted organization in South Holland that provides care, support, treatment and guidance to people with a mental disability or multiple disabilities. The other members live with their parents at home or in other housing arrangements in the province of South Holland. The orchestra is conducted by Lyan Verburg.

More About Ipse de Bruggen:

Ipse de Bruggen is the largest care organization in South Holland for people with a mental disability. Over 5,500 employees provide care and support to nearly 5,700 clients at 370 care locations. Ipse de Bruggen operates in close cooperation with the people that matter most to their clients, such as parents and/or other family members but also with volunteers and other healthcare organizations. Ipse de Bruggen’s mission is to ensure that their clients have a good life and continue to develop and that more is always possible, no matter how small the steps!

Special thanks to Sebastiaan of Total Sonic for personally delivering two V Pack Arenas together with his daughter to the Jostiband in Zwammerdam!