SoundBites March 22, 2021

3 Ways to Mic Drums with Rayna Vandel and the T2 from sE

There’s more than one way to mic a drum kit! On today’s video, esteemed sE Artist and YouTube sensation, Rayna Vandel takes us through three different overhead configurations with sE’s T2 Condensers. The sE Electronics T2 large-diaphragm condenser has a titanium-sputtered capsule, creating a very fast transient response. These mics are great on all things percussive! Additionally, they handle a staggering 142 dB of SPL, so you unless you are close-miking a jet engine, there’s very little risk of damaging them.

As Rayna puts the T2s through their paces, we get to hear how different elements of the drum kit are highlighted by the miking variations. The classic stereo overhead setup sounds very even and “normal,” as it’s what we’re used to hearing nowadays. “The Glyn Johns Method” gives the kit a wider feel and really highlights the detail of the ride cymbal. The mono overhead, which Rayna dubs “The Mike Johnston,” gives the drums a more natural acoustic sound, as if you’re in the room.

Videos from Rayna are always a blast! He does a great job at blending entertainment with education, and always manages to throw a couple jokes in there. Until next time, “Go Out and Smash It!”