SoundBites February 28, 2022

SoundBites: Andwele “Aundie” Simons and the V SERIES for DRUMS

Known for his solid feel, grooves & clean drum sound, Andwele Simons has occupied the drum throne for renowned acts such as The Spinners, Reggae Artist Etana the Strong One, Sia Spense, McCartney Darrel, The Wallstreet Band and many more. Born in Bermuda, Andwele later spent time in Nova Scotia, Canada, where he and DJ Ko Minors started a duo called “O32” playing Afro Beat & Afro House rhythms. “Take pride in your tone and feel… it’s your identity. My dream is that one day, people will recognize my music without seeing me play… like, Hey!!! That’s Andwele on drums there!!!” As Andwele releases new content and collaborations we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, please join us in officially welcoming Andwele “Aundie” Simons as our latest sE Artist!