SoundBites February 28, 2022

SoundBites: Derick McElveen Jr. Performs “Its a Feeling” with V SERIES DRUM MICS

We’re thrilled to announce world-renowned Drummer, Producer, Arranger and Engineer, Derick McElveen Jr. as our latest sE Artist! Growing up in the Bronx and playing drums with his own and several other Churches throughout the development of his career, Derick would sooner than later be recording and performing in arenas worldwide with notable artists regularly. We couldn’t be more pleased to see Derick showcasing his technique with sE microphones in this performance of “It’s a Feeling!”Mics Used: sE2200 (overheads) V KICK (bass drum & floor tom) V7X (snare top) V BEAT & V CLAMP (rack toms) sE8 (snare bottom & hi-hats)