SoundBites February 28, 2022

SoundBites: Enrique Nativitas and The V SERIES Drum Mics

We are proud to announce Drummer and Percussionist Enrique Nativitas from the historic Ciudad de México as our latest sE Artist! After studying under renowned Professors Fernando Cabellero, Tony Cardenas and Esteban Sánchez. First developing his understanding of Brasileña, Enrique has mastered several genres such as música Cubana, hip-hop, jazz, and metal, amongst many others, making him the go-to drummer in the Ciudad de México. We’ll keep you posted on Enrique’s next project but until then, join us in officially welcoming Enrique Nativitas to the sE Family! sE Gear Used: V KICK V BEAT + V CLAMP V7 X sE7