News sEssions March 05, 2021

Morgan Ågren at GEWA Drums with sE Mics

If you’ve ever watched a video of Metallica playing live, and thought “Lars needs more kick drums,” we’d like you to meet Morgan Ågren! He is a drummer from Sweden, who plays for sE Artist Devin Townsend. In this YouTube video, Morgan is showcasing his custom Gretsch kit. It appears to have three kick drums, five toms, two snares, four Instanbul cymbals, and a set of hi-hats. It’s pretty cool, to say the least!

We are very excited to see him utilizing the V PACK ARENA drum miking kit! Although, we should probably offer him a third V KICK microphone. He seems to be short by one. He talks very passionately about music, sound, and vintage drums! The video is quick, informative, and his enthusiasm is contagious!