Events July 08, 2022

East Nashville Podcast ft. Megan Wilder and the DynaCaster

Every year, various media outlets compile lists of the most interesting neighborhoods in America. And every year, East Nashville seems common to all such lists. It’s a small corner of the city, where you’ll find dive bars among foodie restaurants, and most importantly, lots of small independent music venues.

The East Nashville Podcast sprung up about a month ago, highlighting artists who frequent and perform at these venues. Episode #4 was recently released on YouTube, featuring pop-country artist Megan Wilder. The podcast begins with a live music segment, in which Megan performs her latest single, “If I Knew.” Her guitar and vocals are recorded with a sE2300 condenser, and V7 dynamic vocal mic, respectively. These two microphones blend nicely, capturing every detail of her powerful delivery.

The new sE DynaCaster is a staple of the podcast’s conversation portions, giving it a polished sound, despite being filmed in a kitchen with no means of sound absorption. The focused cardioid polar pattern keeps background noise to a minimum, while the DynaCaster’s integrated Dynamite preamp maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio, producing excellent results in less than ideal recording conditions.

Megan discusses Nashville’s co-writing culture, being a contestant on The Voice, moving away from California, and then she saves a bug from certain doom!! Check it out!!