In The Studio News February 23, 2022

Songwriters Gabe Lee & Zoe Cummins with sE Mics

For today’s sEssion, our host Kyle Gerhart (FOH/TM Scott Stapp) takes us to Nashville, TN, for two exclusive performances and an in-depth gear/process breakdown with Singer-Songwriters Gabe Lee and Zoe Cummings at Caleb Fisher’s Farmland Studios! Gabe performs his latest single, “Aeroplane,” using the sE/Rupert Neve RNR1 Ribbon Microphone for vocals and acoustic guitar, the perfect fit for Gabe’s timeless folky vibe. Zoe showcases an exclusive performance of “Ghost Stories,” her latest single, with the Gemini II Dual Tube Microphone on vocals and the VR1 Passive Ribbon Microphone on acoustic guitar, bringing a controlled saturated warmth to her vocal-driven sound.