SoundBites February 28, 2022

SoundBites: Eric Downs and The V SERIES Drums Microphones

Eric Downs is a Los Angeles-based Drummer, Producer, and Musical Director. Having toured with artists such as Hailee Steinfeld, Allie X, & Cyn, Eric also leads a large-scale cinematic drum ensemble entitled “Fine China,” whose tracks have been featured by companies such as Nike, Toyota, Microsoft, and the NFL. Huge thanks to Eric for this great video, and please join us in officially welcoming Eric Downs as our latest sE Artist! Mic List: sE / Rupert Neve RN17 (overheads) sE2200a II C (room) sE2300 (room) V7 X (snare) V KICK (bass drum) V BEAT & V CLAMP (toms) sE8 (hi-hat/ride)